Heart Love

As I sleep with the stars above

I dream of your heavenly body

I am wrapped securely in the arms of love

Held gently against the pillows of stone, listening and feeling the heart of gold


Falling further into a restful slumber

Watching us walk the sands of time

Hearing sounds of joy and happiness

Feeling the warmth of love and not once seeing the clouds of darkness

For our love for one another are the rays of light which breaks through and the bright spectrum that arcs across never showing the end is our time forever


You, my love, will be forever in my heart and in my mind

Even when He calls upon us we will be together for all eternity

My love for you will be for always and true

Mary Jo Archuleta

© Feb. 1994


Mary Jo Archuleta

Mary Jo Archuleta who takes “Leipers” of faith into situations guided to her. Who is a recluse with poetry and whatever other gifts the Gods gave her. One who is always open for a good laugh and a shot of tequila! Mary Jo has been a part of the Sacred Fire Community since 2003.