by Annie King, Fire Chief

Last year many of us participated in a special and unique event – where we marked the end of the last epoch, and honored the beginning of a new one.

On the night of the winter solstice, a ritual was performed around our sacred Fires and we said good-bye to the 5th Cycle of the Sun, releasing the history of that great cycle, and in the morning, welcomed the birth and rise of the 6th Sun. We did this together, in a moment of a lifetime.

That event can’t be repeated for many thousands of years. However every year we are part of the great cycles of nature that move through our life and the world around us. In the northern hemisphere, the December or winter solstice is the darkest time of the year and the turning point to the return of the sun.  It is a time when nature is withdrawing its energies within to rest and renew, and we are called to inner reflection.   In the southern hemisphere, the December or summer solstice is the lightest time of the year, and the turning point where the days start to become shorter.  It is a time of great activity and maturing in the world around us, and a time for connection and activity in our lives.

I have found it so helpful to spend some time in quiet reflection to tune in to these energies at play; to notice how the movement in the world around me is also moving within, beckoning me to fall into its rhythm, to feel into what I would like to let go of, what seeds I would like to plant, to notice what is manifesting and maturing in my life, to notice where more rest is needed, or more action. This helps me to appreciate that everything has its season, and to look for the gifts in that.

There are many ways we can explore these deep relationships with the living world around us that we are so interconnected with and part of.  Many Sacred Fire Community Firekeepers will be offering a special Solstice Fire, where we can come together with others, around the sacred fire, and feel, reflect and acknowledge these great energies moving in the world and within. We can spend some time in quiet reflection. We can go for walks in nature. We can share with our friends.

Whatever ways you find, we would love to hear what these sacred world movements mean to you in your life. If you feel called to share, get in touch.

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