Prayer_smallBy Jane Jackson

A few weeks ago, Sherry Morgan came to Denver to teach Exploring The Core Basis of Prayer. I had invited her although I really had little idea as to what I was getting into by doing this. Along with five other participants, I began on a Friday afternoon in Feb. I told myself, “This is to be an experience.  This is to open you up to a way of being that you may not have considered.”

And so it was.  The first two days were  spent learning how to quiet the mind, pay attention without story or chatter, relate with and journey deeply to members of the Natural World.

As each experiential segment finished, we spoke of our experience, not our ideas about it.  That was the hard part, because we all wanted to explain what we had felt, not recognize the feeling.  Sherry was incredibly patient with our fumbling around the feeling words. But we got better with it, and by Sunday, we had time to see what all this had to do with Prayer.  Each of us left with our own personal resolve, our own awareness of what we had just done, but there was a sense that we had all been changed by the experience.  The quiet of those three days was a blessing and those who were fortunate enough to stay in quiet places at night really appreciated the lack of distraction.

This was a retreat of the most fundamental kind.  It gave us what we needed to pursue our own practice of connecting more deeply in our prayers.  Annie Lamont has a title for a book on prayer,” Please, Thank you and Wow.”
This class is about the Wow.

I am hoping that its sequel will be available soon!
I cannot say precisely what happened to each of us during those three days, and that is a good thing!

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