Sacred Fire, Voices of Wisdom, Sacred Fire Foundation, Asheville, North Carolina

Immerse yourself in ancestral wisdom that will open your heart to renewed connections within yourself, the people around you, and the Natural World. Please join us around the Sacred Fire.

On November 17–18, Sacred Fire Asheville, North Carolina will host Voices of Wisdom, welcoming elders Pahan Pte San Win (Lakota, Cree and Metis) and Wanbdi Wakita (Dakota) for Taku Wakan, “Something Sacred.”

One day Wanbdi had a powerful vision that changed his life. Since then he has had the job of making prayers for people. Pahan Pte San Win tells us, “The first time I had a vision I was 8 years old.” Hear the natural laws of kindness, sharing, and love and how that translates into meaningful action that we can see and experience.

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