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The Spirit of Fire

We’re surrounded by media telling us that times are grim, and the future looks bleak. But a quick look at history shows us this is nothing new. Human beings have always been tested, individually and in community, by tragedy and challenge.

We so easily get lost or confused. Keeping our connection to our purpose and our vision can be difficult as we navigate the landscapes of our lives.

Throughout time, human communities have turned to Fire for heat, connection, light, enlightenment and guidance.

Fire Speaks offers a unique opportunity specially designed for us and the times in which we live. We are living through times of great change. As has happened in the past in cultures around the world, the Spirit of Fire has selected a person to serve an oracle, so that the people of our culture can reconnect and find guidance. This is truly a rare and precious phenomenon, and it’s available to us right now.

Learn more about Fire Speaks and the journey of Don David Wiley, who serves as the oracle for the Spirit of Fire, in our new video.

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The Role of Fire in Our Lives as Humans

Fire, whether in its elemental form or in electricity and fuel, warms us in the cold and cooks our food. Fire, as candles and flames or as electric light bulbs, illuminates our nights. Human beings are the only animals who work with fire in this way, but our relationship with Fire doesn’t stop there. Some have even said that it is Fire that makes human beings human.

In our new video, Sacred Fire Chairman Don David Wiley explains how our ancestors understood the profound role that Fire plays in guiding our lives as human beings with the wisdom and perspective of the divine natural world. Ancestral people everywhere gather around Fire, releasing their fears, drawing inspiration and receiving guidance, and then they go back into their communities to live life in a good way together. Today, is it possible that we need this ancient and timeless guidance of Fire more than ever?

During these particularly turbulent times all around the world, the Spirit of Fire is coming to our assistance by speaking to us, following an ancient phenomenon common to many original traditions. You can hear this guidance first-hand when you attend
Fire Speaks: An Audience with Grandfather Fire. To date, we have held Fire Speaks events in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States. Watch this video to learn more about why people are finding not only wonder and solace, but also practical, real personal transformation and other tangible benefits for their lives when they listen to the always-relevant guidance of that ancient ally of all human individuals and communities, Fire.

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Olympia: Fire Spoke And Raven Landed

On October 6, 2018, the Olympia, WA (USA) Sacred Fire community hosted a Fire Speaks event. Here is what Sharon Brown, Olympia Firekeeper along with her husband Peter, had to say:

I’ve heard from many of you since our time together. Words like “WOW,” “amazing,” “inspired,” “unexpected,” “magical,” ” beautiful,” “unforgettable”…

As Grandfather Fire said, it was “a wonderful night for a fire.” Calm and dry held for us between days of rain. The weather beings kept us comfortable, while Raven (whose totem was ritually installed this past winter) felt our “warm up” time was particularly special. While we were sharing so many playful and profound songs, poems, and stories, we suddenly heard what sounded like fireworks off in the forest and then the crash of a tree. Grandfather told a small group later that Raven had been powerfully attracted by our laughter. His spirit’s presence had so much weight it crushed the tree beneath him. (Several of us explored the forest at the edge of the property Sunday morning, to find the 60-foot living alder that had snapped.)

During our time with Grandfather Fire, He spoke of many things…about relating with the ancestors, dealing with roadblocks and conflict, finding the meaning behind accidents, getting beyond logic to our intuition, why humans were created, how to move when horrific things happen, finding the source of ‘human craziness,’ dealing with bullies, and forgiving ourselves. It was a rich time indeed and there is much wisdom to unpack and put into action in the months ahead.

Sacred Fire Firekeepers offer monthly fire circles, which are a wonderful place to learn, grow, and build relationships with human as well as other-than-human Beings of the natural world.

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Fire Speaks So That We May Remember

We live in an age when the outlook of materialism has gripped our culture, robbing us of right relationship with the living world. So few people remain who can remember and speak to the vital wisdom our ancestors held. In times when humanity stumbles, the Spirit of Fire, sometimes lovingly referred to as Grandfather Fire, will seek a human form as a conduit to transmit the guidance that is needed to restore balance. When the call to serve this purpose is accepted, it is a blessing for all. Here is a glimpse into one such story.

The moment when Fire comes to speak can be dramatic.

A sudden hush has fallen on those gathered around the hearth. Whereas just seconds before the circle was filled with a crescendo of drumming, percussion instruments and voices raised in song, now there is respectful stillness. It is a stillness fueled by an air of expectancy. The activities of the afternoon and evening have led up to this moment, warming hearts and minds. Conversations with other attendees, both well known and newly welcomed, were enjoyed over a shared meal. Participation in the consecration of the hearth fire created a ritual container set apart from everyday life. Personal stories, jokes, poetry, laughter and song all helped build the flames of relationship, human to human, even among those who had been strangers at the beginning of the day.

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Fire Speaks events announced for Tepoztlán (April 30) and Toronto (July 28)

Save the date!

It brings us great pleasure to announce two new opportunities to engage with Grandfather Fire at Fire Speaks events.

On April 30 in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico, the Nahua weather-working group invites the general public to attend the Grandfather Fire they hold as part of their Spring ceremonies. And a Fire Speaks event has just been confirmed on July 28 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Details are just being worked out, and we’ll let you know more as the time approaches.

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Save the Date: The Sacred Story of Corn

On August 25, 2018, the New Freedom, PA (USA) Sacred Fire community will host a Fire Speaks special event. Join us as we ask Grandfather Fire to tell the sacred story of Corn!

The original cultures of the Americas recognize a very special relationship between humans and Corn, which is identified with sustenance and prosperity. Hearing the sacred story of Corn will connect us more deeply with the life-giving energies around us.

Preregistration is required for this event. Stay tuned for more information.

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Bienvenida al año del perro de la tierra

La Comunidad Internacional del Fuego Sagrado se complace en anunciar un Fuego Especial en honor del Año Nuevo Tibetano. Este evento tendrá lugar el 3 de Marzo del 2018 en Tepoztlán, México. Continúa leyendo para conocer más sobre la bendición que este evento anual, ahora por 16ava ocasión, representa para la comunidad local y global.

Desde el 2002, el Abuelo Fuego ha brindado anualmente una audiencia Especial al inicio del Año Nuevo tibetano, o poco después. En esta ocasión, el Año Nuevo Tibetano (y Año Nuevo Chino) comenzó el 16 de febrero y la audiencia tendrá lugar el 3 de marzo, lo cual permitirá que la gente se sumerja en las energías del año antes de escuchar hablar sobre él.

Esta tradición se inició debido a la conexión que muchos de los miembros de la comunidad del Fuego Sagrado de Tepoztlán mantienen con el linaje tibetano de Shambhala, que comparte una aspiración similar de traer a nuestro mundo una sanación social y un despertar del corazón. Al igual que el calendario chino, el calendario tibetano se mueve en ciclos o rabjams de 60 años, durante los cuales atraviesa por la combinación de 12 animales y cinco elementos. Esto esboza un ciclo de vida largo que afecta a nuestro mundo entero.

Si te sientes inspirado por el Año Nuevo del Perro de Tierra, ¡¡participa con nosotros en este extraordinario evento!! Haz click aquí para ver la información sobre el registro. Si no te es posible asistir, mantente pendiente de de la publicación que haremos en este blog más adelante sobre el Perro de Tierra.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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