The seeds. The sprouts. The buds. The mature plant. The flower. The fruit…

The seeds. The sprouts. The buds. The mature plant. The flower. The fruit. The plant returning to the Earth as food for the seed. Compost, and then it starts again.

What happens to the cycle without the seeds and sprouts?  Is it sustainable?

The spark of joy. Being in the present moment. A simple reminder to be playful. The ability to feel deeply. The full expression of emotion, as well as the ability to move on, to flow. Coming from the heart…

These are all ways that children show up in our lives, in their own lives. These are all things we cherish in this community.

These qualities  are reasons why we love to be around children and young people.  These qualities can also contribute to people feeling uncomfortable around them. Could this be because they are a reminder of our longing to show up in these ways ourselves? Is this because they embody the spontaneous, the unexpected? It seems to me that these are great additions to our community, even if they aren’t always comfortable.

We cherish the children of this community. We cherish all children. We invite more young people to join us. We are planting the seeds.  We are learning together.  We are helping them to grow.  This is the beginning.  The children are our inspiration.  The reminder.  To remember….

If you are interested in cultivating  this new Lifeways program for children and families with us, contact Sherry Boatright.

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Nicole Colvin

Nicole Colvin-Griffin is passionate about creating beauty in the world.  She is an artist, mother of four lovely and spirited children, plant lover and fireside dweller.  

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