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Grief and the Courage to Let Go

by Prema Sheerin, Sacred Fire Asheville, NC, USA

In this fourth article in a series of five, traditional healer and Sacred Fire Community Lifeways provider Prema Sheerin continues her exploration of the five “elemental” emotions that are a natural part of the human experience.

Like the rain that comes to cool the heat of summer, grief (which is associated with the season of autumn) provides nourishing moisture that allows us to process and heal the losses we will inevitably encounter. In our modern western culture we have become obsessed with happiness and we have shunned the emotion of grief, believing that it is ‘negative’ and ‘depressing’. We apologize for our tears and sadness, thinking that we are ‘bringing everyone down’. A vast polarity has been created between sadness and happiness and we see happiness as being the desired outcome, a place to arrive and stay. We have forgotten that happiness, like all elemental emotions, will arise and then subside to make way for the next feeling that will swell in response to the circumstances of our lives.

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Come to the Fire!

For 800,000 years, we have gathered around fires to rekindle our sacred connection to our own hearts, each other and the living world; to restore balance and wholeness, gather guidance, and cultivate warmth; and to speak and listen from the heart.

Fire can offer extraordinary gifts of transformation, healing, connection, wisdom and guidance, joy, laughter, release, inspiration and more. It is an ancient form of medicine for our people. We invite you to come to a Community Fire to discover if Fire can help you with your life.

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Winter Meetings Launch 2018

During the Winter Sacred Fire Community business meetings (January 20-22), trustees, leadership and staff celebrated recent accomplishments in support of our important mission to spread the healing presence of Sacred Fire. In particular, the thousands of volunteer hours that have led to an international presence in just 16 years were highlighted.

With branding and a fresh website scheduled for completion by April, the focus in 2018 will be on public awareness building, while maintaining the quality of our core offerings: community fires, Lifeways programs and Fire Speaks events.

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Spreading the Fire

A small group of Sacred Fire Community Firekeepers, including Director of Firekeeping Annie King, recently met with Firekeeper teacher David Wiley for a strategic session focused on supporting the work of Firekeeping. The medicine of Fire is greatly needed by humanity and many people long to connect to it close to home.

Today there are 68 Firekeepers in 48 hamlets, across 7 countries and 4 continents. Those present were asked to imagine 1000, 10,000, even 100,000 Firekeepers across the world. After a careful review of current processes, the group dreamt into effective steps toward scaling up this important offering.

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Want to help heal our culture?

Our world is in deep need of the simple connection with Fire, with each other, and with life itself. Many of us volunteer a good deal of our free time to help bring this medicine to our world. This work is meaningful, provides a path of personal healing and learning, and is an actionable way to help our society heal.

Would you like to join us? We’re seeking some some key people to join our Outreach team:

Web Publisher
Has web-development chops, including WordPress, HTML, CSS, and PHP/MySQL/LAMP, and a good design eye, to help us as we grow our reach online.

Channels Manager
Able to hold the big view of our production process and keep the efforts of many team members coordinated, including digital media, social media, traditional media, and public relations.

Media Archivist
Has a good aesthetic sense, facility with PhotoShop and digital image formats, and enjoys keeping our digital archive organized, tagged, and ready to use.

Aside from talent, the main requirement is that you believe in our mission, want to grow and learn, and are willing to work as part of a team.

Please contact Bill Sutton, Director of Outreach, to explore further.

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Registration opens for California Fire Speaks Audiences with Grandfather Fire

It brings us pleasure to announce that registration has opened for Fire Speaks: An Audience with Grandfather Fire in Santa Monica on March 17 and at Mt Tamalpais State Park on March 24. This is a unique and special opportunity to receive much needed divine wisdom to guide us through the challenges of our modern times.

Seating is limited at these events, so reserve your seat soon!

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Registration now open for Ukilái Annual Men’s Gatherings in Utah and Scotland

Ukilái: An Annual Gathering of Men returns to Scotland April 19-23 and to Moab, Utah, May 31–June 4. These retreats offers men an opportunity to restore strength and clarity, releasing what no longer serves and preparing for what the future may hold.

Ukilái is led by don David Wiley, an elder healer in two ancestrally-related traditions. Born and raised in our modern western culture, yet steeped in traditional wisdom, he brings a unique and relevant perspective to what it is to be male in our culture.

Registration is now open for both events. Do you feel called?

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Life Cycle Living comes to communities around the world

Life Cycle Living is the backdrop for all Sacred Fire Lifeways programs. Facilitators are lighting the fire of a community exploration around the importance of moving through each stage of life, from youth to elderhood, in a meaningful way. This is something that our ancestors understood well: by embracing the learning and offering the gift of each stage, benefit comes to both the individual as well as to the entire community.

Several Life Cycle Living events have been scheduled for 2018 in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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