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Prosperity Ritual enters its fifth year

The sacred story of Corn continues to unfold into our time. On June 13th, Sacred Fire will be joining others in a ritual corn planting at Casa Xiuhtecuhtli in Tepoztlán, Mexico. Five years ago, we were given this prosperity ritual to support us in our work.

Planting is a profound affirmation of life—especially in a time of turmoil and imbalance. You can join us in that affirmation by lighting a candle on June 13th starting at 10 AM Eastern. Our prayer: May we have the resources we need to bring Heart and Fire more fully into the world. Thank you!

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Life Cycle Living: Have you jumped in yet?

Life Cycle Living programs offer insight, self-inquiry and group dialogue about the importance of community in helping its members move through the distinct stages of human life, from birth to death. Facilitated by Sacred Fire Lifeways providers, participation in these explorations is setting the stage for future initiatives to spread the gift of Fire through the example of healthy, heart-centered communities.

You are invited to participate in a Life Cycle Living program close to you. See the event listing below to find a Life Cycle Living near you, and note the recent addition of an opportunity coming to Chapel Hill, NC (USA.)

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Fire Speaks: Pathways to the Heart

All who have experienced “Grandfather Fires” first-hand know the blessings of these events come in many forms: warm human connection with other attendees, both known and newly met; divine words of wisdom that are timely and actionable; and something else that can’t quite be put to words.  For that, you are invited to have your own experience.

There is still time to register for Ignite Your Heart,  June 15-17, 2018 in Dartmoor, England; and Fire Speaks events in Asheville, NC (USA) Toronto (Canada) July 28 and New Freedom, PA (USA) August 25.

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Fire Speaks So That We May Remember

We live in an age when the outlook of materialism has gripped our culture, robbing us of right relationship with the living world. So few people remain who can remember and speak to the vital wisdom our ancestors held. In times when humanity stumbles, the Spirit of Fire, sometimes lovingly referred to as Grandfather Fire, will seek a human form as a conduit to transmit the guidance that is needed to restore balance. When the call to serve this purpose is accepted, it is a blessing for all. Here is a glimpse into one such story.

The moment when Fire comes to speak can be dramatic.

A sudden hush has fallen on those gathered around the hearth. Whereas just seconds before the circle was filled with a crescendo of drumming, percussion instruments and voices raised in song, now there is respectful stillness. It is a stillness fueled by an air of expectancy. The activities of the afternoon and evening have led up to this moment, warming hearts and minds. Conversations with other attendees, both well known and newly welcomed, were enjoyed over a shared meal. Participation in the consecration of the hearth fire created a ritual container set apart from everyday life. Personal stories, jokes, poetry, laughter and song all helped build the flames of relationship, human to human, even among those who had been strangers at the beginning of the day.

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When the Earth Trembles and Burns

By Jeff Suwak, Sacred Fire Olympia

Erica Cohen was just wrapping up work in her garden when the earthquake started. She wasn’t concerned at first. Tremors are common in her Mexican town, and they generally pass with relatively little fanfare. The shaking didn’t stop this time, however. It got stronger. Something was different. She could sense it. That’s when things got scary.

As the earthquake intensified, Erica tried to get farther away from her house to make sure it didn’t fall on her, but the ground turned to jello beneath her feet. She could only struggle to stay standing as the world thrashed around her. Subsequent reports indicated the event lasted about 20 seconds. For Erica, it felt like a lifetime.

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Grief and the Courage to Let Go

by Prema Sheerin, Sacred Fire Asheville, NC, USA

In this fourth article in a series of five, traditional healer and Sacred Fire Community Lifeways provider Prema Sheerin continues her exploration of the five “elemental” emotions that are a natural part of the human experience.

Like the rain that comes to cool the heat of summer, grief (which is associated with the season of autumn) provides nourishing moisture that allows us to process and heal the losses we will inevitably encounter. In our modern western culture we have become obsessed with happiness and we have shunned the emotion of grief, believing that it is ‘negative’ and ‘depressing’. We apologize for our tears and sadness, thinking that we are ‘bringing everyone down’. A vast polarity has been created between sadness and happiness and we see happiness as being the desired outcome, a place to arrive and stay. We have forgotten that happiness, like all elemental emotions, will arise and then subside to make way for the next feeling that will swell in response to the circumstances of our lives.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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